Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Oriental Village Langkawi

The Oriental Village Langkawi is located at Burau Bay (Teluk Burau), nearby several other popular places to visit at Langkawi Island (Pulau Langkawi) such as Seven Well (Telaga Tujuh), Langkawi Cable Car Terminal at Mount of Mat Chinchang (Gunung Mat Chinchang) and Summer Palace (Anna and the King). Several great places of accommodation such as Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort and Mutiara Burau Bay Resort are also located nearby the Oriental Village Langkawi. For those who really want to stay at the village, there is also accommodation provided in the village – that is the Oriental Village Inn.

With the objective of providing a new concept in resort duty free shopping, the Oriental Village Langkawi allocates more than 30 outlets that offer variety of products of different brands. You can get your batik clothes, shirts, pants, accessories, souvenirs, perfumes, chocolates, and etc. from the various outlets. Each outlet has its own specialty. All the outlets at the Oriental Village Langkawi are built in various Asian styles housing shops, including the restaurants and the hotel (the Oriental Village Inn).

Located against a spectacular mountain backdrop of the Mount of Mat Chinchang (Gunung Mat Chinchang), The Oriental Village Langkawi is a very beautiful and a great place to visit. Everytime I visit Langkawi Island (Pulau Langkawi), I never miss the opportunity to go to The Oriental Village Langkawi. The fascinating and beautiful scenery at The Oriental Village Langkawi has attracted me so much…. The Oriental Village Langkawi - The place is not only recommended for the local and foreign tourists, but also recommended to the film or photography directors to make the Oriental Village Langkawi as their film or photography location or background….