Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shopping Therapy - Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival

The Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is back!

Need a shopping therapy? Good news to all shopperholics! Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is back! Most departmental stores throughout Malaysia promise a bigger sale this year as Malaysia is celebrating its 50th year of Independence. More discounts and promotion…The period of the carnival is longer than before (16th June till 2nd September 2007). This is a very good time for shopping. I’m sure most popular shopping complexes throughout Malaysia are full, especially during weekends. In Klang Valley itself, we have One Utama Shopping Centre (Bandar Utama), Mid Valley Megamall (Kuala Lumpur) and KLCC (Kuala Lumpur), as among main attractions for shopperholics.

The Mega Sale Carnival is an annual event for Malaysia. Normally, this is the best time for both Malaysian and visitors (foreigners) to go for shopping. Most products are offered at discount (except for new arrivals). I’m yet to go for shopping in this Carnival this year. I just went back from Singapore. The country is also having a great shopping bargain now. I had a long way walking along the Orchard Road, Singapore, with the hope to find whatever I want to buy there at lower price than Malaysia. Unfortunately, the exchange rate nowadays is quite high. After converted into Malaysian Ringgit, plus the 5% GST (applicable to sale of good in Singapore), I found that for some products it’s more worthwhile buying it in Malaysia. This is because you can get the same thing in Malaysia at lower price. So, now I have to find my time to shop @ Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival.

Enjoy your shopping @ Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival this year. Hopefully, you’ll get what you want at a great bargain…

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Catch Your Own Fish @ Restoran Sangkar Ikan, Langkawi

Fish Cage Restaurant (Restoran Sangkar Ikan), Langkawi... I didn’t notice the existence of this restaurant till my last visit to Langkawi Island last year. Maybe the restaurant has been there since long ago…I’m not sure about that (Sorry, forgot to ask the restaurant’s staff. I was so excited to see the fresh meal ordered on my table. Hehe…).

I saw a long floating wooden bridge built on the crystal clear blue water when the ferry that I took from Kuala Perlis Jetty (Jeti Kuala Perlis) reached near to the Kuah Jetty (Jeti Kuah). Wow, what’s that? The beautiful scenery from the ferry really attracted me to go there.

So, once my husband and I got our rented car at Kuah Jetty, we straight away go to the Restoran Sangkar Ikan. The place located near Kuah Town (Pekan Kuah). But, you have to take the small road behind the town to reach the restaurant. You won’t miss the restaurant because there are a few signage to guide you to the Restoran Sangkar Ikan.

It was raining when we arrived at the Restoran Sangkar Ikan. The staff gave us an umbrella so that we can still go to the fish breeding area (Sangkar Ikan, which is located about 1 km from the beach) even though it was raining.

It takes about 10 minutes walking (on long floating wooden bridge) before you can see the fish cage. We really love and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery along the way to the fish cage. What a great experience for both of us! We managed to capture a few beautiful pictures along the way to the fish cage. Unfortunately, some of them are blur because the floating wooden bridge shaking, following the wave of the sea. You have to be more careful if you bring children with you.

When you reach at the fish cage, you can see most of workers there are busy with their works (feed, catch and transfer the fishes, clean up their boats, etc.). You can catch your own fish here…fresh from the cage. Exciting hah?

Once you’ve got the fish or other preferred seafood, you can ask the workers at the restaurant to cook them for your lunch or dinner. We had a great dinner there. Hope that we can bring the whole family to eat here. It’s a seafood restaurant. So, you can have your seafood meals such as tom yam, sweet sour fish, crab, or any other available recipes. Taste it, and you’ll love it….

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Take a Walk into the Cave of Darkness (Gua Kelam)

My first experience to explore the Dark Cave was in 2001 (soon after I married to my beloved hubby). “Gua Kelam”, which means the Cave of Darkness, is among the tourists’ favourite places in Perlis. The cave is located at Kaki Bukit Village, nearby Wang Kelian. This place is popular for its enchanting “cave walk” where you can enter from one end of the cave and come out at a different end.

With RM1 entrance fee for adults, we start a walk into the cave. The only path into the cave is via a suspension wooden bridge, which made of a wide wooden walkway. Even though the walkway is generally well kept, please be careful while walking along the walkway. (maybe the wood is not that strong, who knows…)

The wooden bridge links Kaki Bukit to the Wang Tangga Valley, a valley on the opposite end of Gua Kelam. I tried to capture several pictures while I was in the cave. But, unfortunately, the pictures were all blur… as the walkway vibrates while I capture the pictures. If you’re patient, you can wait until the walkway is empty to take your pictures. It’s really nice if you have a “good” camera. You can capture “good” picture even though the lighting is not that good.

There’s not much different from the first time I went there…and today. But, many tourists and local people love to go there. Some of them like to explore the beauty and uniqueness of the cave, while others love to spend time with their families by picnicking at the recreational park.