Thursday, November 15, 2012

Felda Residence Hot Spring Sungai Klah Sungkai Perak

This time, let's explore a hidden gem in Felda Sungkai that is the Hot Spring Sungai Klah. Spending a night or two in one of the hotel room or villa/bungalow with 1-3 rooms will allow you to enjoy the hot bath in the pool. If you choose to stay in the hotel room (2 storey building), you will have to go to the main pool to enjoy the hot/cold bath. However, your willingness to spend a bit more out of your pockets will give you the opportunity to experience a private hot/cold bath plus jacuzzi at home (the villa/bungalow). Just a few steps from your room or living hall, you can spend all day long in the private pool. I love it so much!

A bath tub is also provided in the master bedroom's bathroom. It's quite luxury...But, I really enjoy it. The whole family have fun at the villa. Nevertheless, my boy still want to go to the main pool. Yeah, i understand that the main pool is larger than the private pool, no doubt about that.

There are two main pool at the hot spring; one with the hot water and the other with cold water. My boy also enjoy boiling egg at the egg boiling station. My parents take the opportunity to put their leg into the hot water...having foot spa...hehe...

Since there are not many stalls that sell proper dinner or lunch, the Meranti Cafe that is located within the residence also offer foods for the visitors at a reasonable rate. You can choose from its menu in ala carte or buffet. Convenience stores are available nearby the residence, selling tits bits, traditional food, ice cream, local fruits, etc.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Philea Resort and Spa Malacca

Resort made from log

The resort is located at Lot 2940 Jalan Ayer Keroh Off Jalan Plaza Tol Melaka. Immediately after exit the Ayer Keroh's toll, take the left turn. The resort is built next to the Butterfly and Reptiles Park Malacca. 

I would say this resort is unique. Why? As highlighted in its official website,, the resort is the first and largest log resort in Malaysia. It offers a calm and privacy holiday for those who need one. Since we stay in Kuala Lumpur, we will choose this resort whenever we need a short vacation nearby our place. It takes about 2 hours journey from Kuala Lumpur.

Love the fascinating view around the resort

 Visitors' cars are parked at the designated parking near the lobby. From the lobby, visitors may take the buggy or walk to the assigned cabin or room. My spouse prefer to walk around the resort to enjoy the beautiful scenery around there. My son and i enjoy the buggy ride. So, sometime we take the buggy, the other time we walk.

Beautiful pool

My son fall in love with the swimming pool. With no interest in pool before, he become motivated to swim in this pool having seen the beautiful layout of the pool surrounded by man made waterfall. We have some privacy there as there were not many people at the pool. Since we didn't expect to use the swimming pool, we didn't bring our swimming costume. Here there go extra cash spend for the unexpected cause. We shopped at Aeon Malacca. Not that far from the resort, yet the heavy traffic really caused inconveniences.

Overall, we really enjoy our short vacation at the resort. There are several types of room to choose from (e.g. pavilion room, Philea Suite). I admit the price is a bit expensive. However, this can be compensated with the experiences that we got there. Philea Resort and Spa Malacca offers different experiences than the typical hotel rooms and environment (e.g. in the city center).

Room for 3 persons

In term of food, i would rather suggest visitors to eat outside the hotel, as the food taste in our opinion, is just so-so. If you are keen on having a great taste of food, you may want to travel outside the resort, for example, go to Umbai for tasteful grill fish and other seafoods  or Malacca central for traditional Malacca foods. However, you have to forgo the time spent at the resort. So, choose wisely. We definitely will come back for another short vacation in the near future.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rabbit Park Shah Alam Selangor

Located within the area of Giant Hypermarket Section 13 Shah Alam, this small park is great for toddlers who are really appreciate this cute tiny creatures. Most toddlers love animals, right? With fee of RM3 per person, i think this place is good for a very short visit, especially for those who does not have pets at home, yet, the child love animals so much (i wonder if you can spend your money every week to go to zoo to watch the animals..heheh...). So, for me, this is one of the alternative. Mommies can also spend some time to shop at Giant, while their kids enjoying themselves at the park with guardian, of course. I heard that this park also provides overnight place for rabbits, in case the owners wanna go outstation. Great hah!