Friday, October 06, 2006

Watch the New Attraction at Underwater World Langkawi – “The Penguin”

The Underwater World Langkawi, which is located at Cenang Beach (Pantai Cenang, Langkawi), has already been popular as the main attraction at its location (the legendary island, Langkawi Island). The Underwater World Langkawi is a rich treasure trove of marine life and a fascinating window on the aquatic world. This marine showcase includes a freshwater section, a seashell display, a hexagon fish tank, an underwater tunnel, a koi pond, a mini reptile section and an invertebrate exhibit. In addition, there is a coral reef display and a venomous creatures section.

With the new attraction available at the Underwater World Langkawi…Penguin…, I’m sure that there will be more tourists coming in. Apart from fish such as groupers and sharks, green turtles, and other marine life, there is one more attraction available for the tourists, who plan to visit Langkawi Island, particularly to those who plan to stay at Cenang Beach.

What’s the attraction? It’s penguin!!! There are various species of penguin exhibited in various tanks (aquarium) at the new extended area of the Underwater World Langkawi. Among the popular species are the rockhoppers and blackfooted penguins. While the rockhoppers were placed in a tank containing rocks and water with the temperature maintained at 8 degree Celsius, the blackfooted penguins could swim freely in a 20 degree Celsius tank. A 15-metre tunnel has been built specially for visitors to walk through and enjoy a spectacular view of the marine life. You can watch various marine life swim just inches away from you. It’s really exciting! Believe me! The last time I saw penguin “live” was in Singapore back in 1988. It’s almost eight years. I love the see the penguin species because they are very cute…Can I have the penguin as pet? Heheh….

Apart from the various species of penguin, the Under Waterworld Langkawi also offer other new attractions such as the anaconda ( a snake species from the Amazon), the marmoset (world's smallest monkey), arapaima (world's largest freshwater fish), the capybara (world's largest rodent).

The extended wing of the Underwater World Langkawi also offers a 3D cinema for the interested tourist. A special museum was also built to showcase the Malaysian expeditions to Antartica in the new wing. Well, when there is new things and services offered, of course the entrance fee is also being “upgraded”. If I’m not mistaken, the entrance fee was only RM18 per person before the launching of the new wing. But, with the extended wing…more attraction…the new revised entrance fee is RM28 per person. Visit and experience a wonderful moment with your loved one here…