Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Malaysian International Batik Festival

I brought my family to Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) last weekend for sight-seeing, shopping and lunch. They just came from Kangar, Perlis last week. And KLCC is always be one of the must visit places for my niece and nephews. They really enjoy sight-seeing and playing at the KLCC park. For the adults like my MIL and FIL, I think they just need some relaxing moments spent in KL, other than Kangar, Perlis. And not to forget my SIL, she’s busy with her shopping…My husband and I have to become the driver of the day…Heheh…

When we reach KLCC at about 11 am on Saturday, we straight away go to the KLCC park. On the way there, we saw a stage with a backdrop written “Malaysian International Batik Festival”. There you go…My niece and nephew were so excited to watch the demonstration held at several booth at the festival.

What make they became more excited is where they’ve got the opportunity to try themselves producing their own batik print. After received the batik chop from the first booth, they went to the second booth to color the batik design. Once completed, they can kept their works. Maybe it’s good to frame the batik design and hang them on the wall…

At the festival, there have been many interesting activities held, which much of the focus has been given to promote Malaysian batik to international level. I can see many tourists and foreigners experienced themselves on batik-making process. Detail explanation has been given by the demonstrators on the step-by-step process of making batik. It was really fun, yet informational.

I’m sure there will be more activities coming up in conjunction with the Malaysian International Batik Festival.Don’t forget to watch for more events. My family cannot really visit every booth on that day, as we had spent too much time waiting for the kids coloring their batik. After finished with the coloring, we had our lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Need to go earlier, otherwise it will become fullhouse. Really enjoyed ourselves at the festival.