Saturday, May 10, 2008

BOH Tea Plantation @ Cameron Highland, Pahang

Located at Cameron Highland, Pahang, BOH Tea Plantation offers another attraction for those who visit to this premier hill resort. Even though I had several times been in Cameron Highland, this is my first time there. I always stop at Cameron Bharat Tea Shop, to have some light refreshments before continue my journey to Brinchang. But this time, I had the chance to visit Boh Tea Plantation instead. The route to the plantation is quite challenging. But, once you reach the plantation, you may have some rest there, visit the factory to see the process of tea production, feel the calmness and beautiful scenery out of the tea plantation while tasting the great tea at the tea shop, and even shop some souveniours there. There’s so much variety of tea you can try (original, mint, herb…can’t remember all). I wish I can be there everyday…having my tea time with my love one there…Hot tea served with muffin, sandwiches, pie, cakes, yum..yum..yum...Can’t wait our the visit. Maybe to bring other family members together.

I wish I can visit the factory on that day, unfortunately, the factory was closed. So sad…huhuhu…and I wish I can climb the hill to see the larger view of the plantation from the top of the hill (look-point), but with my condition of 2+ months pregnant during that time, just can’t afford it. Even the journey to the BOH tea plantation (from the main road) had made me feel a bit dizzy…Hmm…but, it can be compensated with the great taste of BOH tea at the tea shop on that day.

As alternative, you can visit the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Centre, near Equatorial Hotel at Brinchang. That is my aim for the next visit to the Cameron Highland.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

For 'Satay' / 'Sate' Lover: Satay Hut, Tanjung Karang @ Tanjong Karang, Selangor

I can say it (Satay Hut) as one of attraction in Selangor. What’s so special about this place? We can simply find satay almost anyway in KL or other places. “Satay Hut”, a place to taste a “large size” satay. Before this, we have Sate Ria and Sate King in town, but now both businesses shut down already.

Here it comes another choice for satay lovers. Satay Hut…Located in Tanjong Karang, Selangor, nearby Tanjung Karang Hospital. Opened at 4.30 pm till 2.00 am. It is a worth place to come for satay lover. Even though the main attraction is the “plus-size” satay, there are also small / ordinary size satay there. In case some of your friends or family members don’t really like satay, Satay Hut also offer other menus such as Thai and Malay cruisine. I went there with my beloved husband. Just to try some meals at another “popular place to eat”. We tasted mee bandung there, hmm..not bad. It tasted great. We had ABC and watermelon juice too…may be we will try other menus in our next visits.

Especially for those who are already in Kuala Selangor, beside having seafood for dinner, may be you can try Satay Hut, as alternative. Just a few miles from Kuala Selangor, you’ll reach Tanjung Karang. You can see Satay Hut just beside the main road, near the Tanjung Karang Hospital. Make sure you come in the evening or night because Satay Hut is not available during lunch.

Really hope that I can bring my family members to taste Satay Hut next time. Enjoy your Satay @ Satay Hut Tanjung Karang @ Tanjong Karang.