Sunday, May 04, 2008

For 'Satay' / 'Sate' Lover: Satay Hut, Tanjung Karang @ Tanjong Karang, Selangor

I can say it (Satay Hut) as one of attraction in Selangor. What’s so special about this place? We can simply find satay almost anyway in KL or other places. “Satay Hut”, a place to taste a “large size” satay. Before this, we have Sate Ria and Sate King in town, but now both businesses shut down already.

Here it comes another choice for satay lovers. Satay Hut…Located in Tanjong Karang, Selangor, nearby Tanjung Karang Hospital. Opened at 4.30 pm till 2.00 am. It is a worth place to come for satay lover. Even though the main attraction is the “plus-size” satay, there are also small / ordinary size satay there. In case some of your friends or family members don’t really like satay, Satay Hut also offer other menus such as Thai and Malay cruisine. I went there with my beloved husband. Just to try some meals at another “popular place to eat”. We tasted mee bandung there, hmm..not bad. It tasted great. We had ABC and watermelon juice too…may be we will try other menus in our next visits.

Especially for those who are already in Kuala Selangor, beside having seafood for dinner, may be you can try Satay Hut, as alternative. Just a few miles from Kuala Selangor, you’ll reach Tanjung Karang. You can see Satay Hut just beside the main road, near the Tanjung Karang Hospital. Make sure you come in the evening or night because Satay Hut is not available during lunch.

Really hope that I can bring my family members to taste Satay Hut next time. Enjoy your Satay @ Satay Hut Tanjung Karang @ Tanjong Karang.


Rough Easy said...

hati2 bai, Satay Hut ni makin lama makin sombong, servis makin lembab, waiter dia semua menyombong, tokey makin gemuk dan makin belagak. Aku cdgkan siapa yg dok berdekatan Tg Karang, jual la sate besar tepi jalan. Rahsia sate ni kalau kuah sedap, ok la satenya! paling penting jgn belagak.

noname said...

sy xse2ju dgn org bwh ni,cOz sy regular customer satay hut,sy ske satenye,sdp sgt,lau waiter lembp 2,juz tyme hari minggu,time 2 mmg ramai org n kt kne phm,die bkn lyn kt bez satenye..sgt puas yg plg lawak 2,org bwh ni kate tOkey makin gemOk n blagak,haha..tOkeynye 2 da la kurus,adey sian j die kne fitnah..
lawak la..hahaha..satay hut da bez!!

Eyriqazz said...

memang sedapp...ini feedback saya:

Sate Hut Lagi Sedap dari Sate Kajang

Dalilawati Zainal said...

Rough Easy & Noname: Lain org lain citarasa dan pandangan. We have to admit that.

Eyriqazz: bagus feeback u. siap dgn pic canyik2 lagi. i like.

anis chity said...

i love malaysia a lot i will be ther some day you can find other travel destination here