Sunday, April 27, 2008

The MINES Resort City Tour @ The MINES Shopping Mall

My husband and I had great experience yesterday from the MINES Resort City Tour @ Mines Shopping Mall. Got the opportunity to enjoy the sightseeing cruise for almost 1 ½ hours. Just pay RM60 for two persons, you’ll be cruising from the MINES Cruise main jetty, to the water lift (new experience for us), and then down to the north lake. We saw Palace Beach and Spa Resort, it's really beautiful. Nearby the lake, we had fishfeeding. We can see so many fish in the lake. We had the cruise with another two families. Their children really enjoy the moment here.

After seeing the beautiful scenery from the golfclub, Palace Beach and Spa, several VIPs’ private bungalows, including our our former Prime Minister’s mansion, we headed to The Palace of the Golden Horses, the six-start hotel. according to the tour-guide, the rate for 1 night at the hotel is around RM600-RM700. So expensive...But, I'm sure the service and facilities are superb...six-star...Then we made a U-turn, to continue our journey to the south lake. More VIPs’ mansions and apartments by the lakeside can be seen from the south lake tour. Not much interesting things explored from the South lake tour.

My new experience from the tour was the “WATER LIFT”. Before this, I had several times enjoyed the sighseeing cruise, but during that time, there's no water lift and the tour was rather limited. wanna know more about the water lift? Click here:
Other packages are also available to choose from. For example, Sunset dining cruise, message cruise, etc. We started our cruise at about 11.30 am and finish at almost 1 pm.