Sunday, April 30, 2006

Aquarium KLCC ... Let’s experience the ocean life in Kuala Lumpur (Aquaria KLCC)

Where can you experience the ocean life in Kuala Lumpur? Before this, you may have to travel to Langkawi to visit the Underwater World Langkawi…or go for snorkeling at any beautiful islands in Malaysia, such as Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang in Terengganu or Pulau Tioman in Johor. But now, you can have that experience here…in Kuala Lumpur… a huge aquarium located at KLCC… It is known as AQUARIA...or " AQUARIUM KLCC ".

Using the Living Ocean concept, Aquarium KLCC will become a new tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur, especially those who visit the Suria KLCC. Aquarium KLCC houses more than 5,000 freshwater and marine animal exhibits. Even though the concept is similar to the Underwater world Langkawi, what makes Aquarium KLCC so special is its long tunnel, which made out of 90m of fibreglass. Along the tunnel, you can see so many species of fish and marine life swim above your head. You will feel like you are under the sea…snorkeling…without having the oxygen gas…without even have to put the “special clothes”. So, it’s good for those who don’t know how to swim…ha..ha..ha…

Another specialty at Aquarium KLCC is that the place has facilities for the disabled. There are computer screens and multimedia presentations throughout the area to help educate visitors about sea life, as well. Exhibits will also place emphasis on Malaysia’s sea life, including unique species found in East Malaysian waters.

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reona said...


When I looked for the informations of Langkawi, I found your blog!

I want to go to AQUARIUM KLCC !!

Thank you for nice information!

Dalilawati Zainal said...

Hello Reona. I hope you get what want you want know about Langkawi in my website. But, actually, there are many other interesting places to visit in Langkawi. May be I'll explained about them in my future entries. Check it out!

Have a nice visit to the Aquaria KLCC...and after that, don't forget to "window shopping" at Suria KLCC. Nice shopping complex..