Saturday, June 03, 2006

Craft Cultural Complex Langkawi, Malaysia

Lord of the Ring at Langkawi? Take a look at this picture…Believe it or not? It’s real…there’s a giant ring at Langkawi. Where can you find this ring? Kompleks Budaya Kraf Langkawi or Craft Cultural Complex Langkawi. It is actually one of the unique replicas built outside the complex.

The Craft Cultural Complex Langkawi offers a wide variety of Malaysian handicrafts. The handicrafts here are not only for exhibition but also for sale. You can buy handicrafts such as carved silverware, batik products, weaved product from rattan, mengkuang and pandan leaves, songket and silk, etc. produced from different parts of Malaysia.

Since the objective of this complex is to promote Malaysian culture, there is also a section built specially for exhibition. It functions more or less like a museum, which display the variety of cultures available in Malaysia.

The Craft complex is open daily between 9am through 6pm and admission is free.
You can call 604-959 1913 (the Craft Cultural Complex) or 604-9667789 (Langkawi Tourist Information Centre) for more information.

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