Sunday, August 26, 2007

Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2007 - Floria

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to visit the Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2007 (Floria Putrajaya), which is held at Precint 2, Putrajaya for about 1 week. It’s still not too late if you wanna go there. We went there on the 25th August, the very first day of the event. After we had our breakfast at TTDI Jaya, we straight away go to Putrajaya. My husband was really excited to watch the event. He said that he wanna apply the photography knowledge that he got from the Internet. Let’s see…

It’s already 11.30 am when we reach the venue. It’s quite late actually…matahari pun dah naik…the weather is getting hot (cair le puteri lilin ni, paling tidak pun sunburn). With the theme of “Splash of Colour”, visitors will be enthralled by a spectacle of every imaginable colour of rainbow being displayed in all its glory throughout the festive setting.

We visited the “Merdeka Garden”, a special garden designed in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Celebration. This garden features as the entrance garden that aimed to be an inspirational masterpiece. Next, we entered the “Floral Pavilion” that exhibit floral masterpieces by both the international and local designers. Each garden is segmented into several sections (Special Gardens, Floral Windows, Flower Power, Floral Sculpture, Floral Fashion, Tutti-Frutti, Fine Dining and Floral Arrangement), so that visitors can really appreciate the beauty and feel the differences between sections.

Not enough with the indoor garden, an outdoor garden showcase consists of the Floria Showcase gardens with the theme “Rainbow Serenade”, Orchid Precinct, Garden Square and Bazaar, etc. While watching the beautiful scenery surrounds the exhibition area, you can also buy souvenirs such as “kain batik”, plants, cupcakes, and a lot more.

For both of us, this event is definitely an event worth visiting. We thought that we had to pay the entrance fees, but you know what?!!...It’s free…No need to pay anything to enter the festival…The parking is also FOC.

Wow, definitely the 50th Malaysian Independent’s Day celebration will become another remarkable event for Malaysian. I can see there are so many activities take places in conjunction with this memorable event. Looking forwards to see the firework performance…and may be the Merdeka Parade…

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Dalilawati Zainal said...

Hi there! Quite busy with my works...I'll update this blog as soon as I can....Thanks for the motivation, friend...