Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trishaw Ride Around the City of Malacca

Trishaw Ride? I love it so much!

Suddenly, I feel like I wanna have a ride on a trishaw. So, my husband took me to the City of Malacca on the Chinese New Year Holiday. Wow, there were so many people in town. Most of them are tourists. Our first destination was the Maritim Museum, which I had written about it before. Then, we had a tour on a trishaw. Tour around the City of Malacca. What is so special about the trishaw ride at Malacca? Here, you can see many beautifully decorated trishaw with different theme. Just choose which one you like the most. The tour become more meaningful when the trishaw ride includes a tour guide given by the trishaw’s owner. They were all well-trained by a tourism body to deliver the tour guide to the tourists.

We were brought to the Ethnics Museum, Dataran Pahlawan, Kota A Famosa, etc. What a wonderful moment I had on that day. With the beautiful decorated trishaw, riding with your loved one…you’ll feel really great! I wish I can be there again in the future.

Of course there are many other places of attraction around Malacca, but we straight away go to the city because we want to have our lunch at Umbai after that. As usual, love the “Ikan Bakar @ Umbai” grilled fish together with other seafood such as prawns, crabs and cuttlefish. The sea foods here are fresh…and delicious…and one more thing, the price is also reasonable as compared to seafood in KL.

Due to heavy traffic on that day, we didn’t have enough time to go to Mini Asian, Malacca Zoo, Crocodile Park, etc. Even though I had already been there a few years back, still wanna see if there is a change or new attraction available at those places. Hope we’ll find some other time to go there.

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