Sunday, June 10, 2007

Catch Your Own Fish @ Restoran Sangkar Ikan, Langkawi

Fish Cage Restaurant (Restoran Sangkar Ikan), Langkawi... I didn’t notice the existence of this restaurant till my last visit to Langkawi Island last year. Maybe the restaurant has been there since long ago…I’m not sure about that (Sorry, forgot to ask the restaurant’s staff. I was so excited to see the fresh meal ordered on my table. Hehe…).

I saw a long floating wooden bridge built on the crystal clear blue water when the ferry that I took from Kuala Perlis Jetty (Jeti Kuala Perlis) reached near to the Kuah Jetty (Jeti Kuah). Wow, what’s that? The beautiful scenery from the ferry really attracted me to go there.

So, once my husband and I got our rented car at Kuah Jetty, we straight away go to the Restoran Sangkar Ikan. The place located near Kuah Town (Pekan Kuah). But, you have to take the small road behind the town to reach the restaurant. You won’t miss the restaurant because there are a few signage to guide you to the Restoran Sangkar Ikan.

It was raining when we arrived at the Restoran Sangkar Ikan. The staff gave us an umbrella so that we can still go to the fish breeding area (Sangkar Ikan, which is located about 1 km from the beach) even though it was raining.

It takes about 10 minutes walking (on long floating wooden bridge) before you can see the fish cage. We really love and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery along the way to the fish cage. What a great experience for both of us! We managed to capture a few beautiful pictures along the way to the fish cage. Unfortunately, some of them are blur because the floating wooden bridge shaking, following the wave of the sea. You have to be more careful if you bring children with you.

When you reach at the fish cage, you can see most of workers there are busy with their works (feed, catch and transfer the fishes, clean up their boats, etc.). You can catch your own fish here…fresh from the cage. Exciting hah?

Once you’ve got the fish or other preferred seafood, you can ask the workers at the restaurant to cook them for your lunch or dinner. We had a great dinner there. Hope that we can bring the whole family to eat here. It’s a seafood restaurant. So, you can have your seafood meals such as tom yam, sweet sour fish, crab, or any other available recipes. Taste it, and you’ll love it….


team BSG said...

the next time here in Langkawi we will know where to go !

Fresh jumping fish is best !
esp with tomyam

btw if you have more delicious food news V will soon spread the news so get ready...

Dalilawati Zainal said...

Fresh seafood...of course taste great!