Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shopping Therapy - Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival

The Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is back!

Need a shopping therapy? Good news to all shopperholics! Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is back! Most departmental stores throughout Malaysia promise a bigger sale this year as Malaysia is celebrating its 50th year of Independence. More discounts and promotion…The period of the carnival is longer than before (16th June till 2nd September 2007). This is a very good time for shopping. I’m sure most popular shopping complexes throughout Malaysia are full, especially during weekends. In Klang Valley itself, we have One Utama Shopping Centre (Bandar Utama), Mid Valley Megamall (Kuala Lumpur) and KLCC (Kuala Lumpur), as among main attractions for shopperholics.

The Mega Sale Carnival is an annual event for Malaysia. Normally, this is the best time for both Malaysian and visitors (foreigners) to go for shopping. Most products are offered at discount (except for new arrivals). I’m yet to go for shopping in this Carnival this year. I just went back from Singapore. The country is also having a great shopping bargain now. I had a long way walking along the Orchard Road, Singapore, with the hope to find whatever I want to buy there at lower price than Malaysia. Unfortunately, the exchange rate nowadays is quite high. After converted into Malaysian Ringgit, plus the 5% GST (applicable to sale of good in Singapore), I found that for some products it’s more worthwhile buying it in Malaysia. This is because you can get the same thing in Malaysia at lower price. So, now I have to find my time to shop @ Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival.

Enjoy your shopping @ Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival this year. Hopefully, you’ll get what you want at a great bargain…

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